With a total of 40 models, children ages 7 and up can get a look at the world of technology through ..
Ex Tax: €61.94
With the expansion set Looping, a loop point can be built, with the guidance of building instruction..
Ex Tax: €12.36
With the expansion set Dynamic High Speed, every fischertechnik marble run can be creatively built a..
Ex Tax: €12.36
Stop & Go - a short pause, and the marbles already can be released again to zoom through the mar..
Ex Tax: €12.36
fischertechnik TractorsTwo tractor models and one dragster, all with functioning stub axle steering,..
Ex Tax: €20.62
School and university students learn about hydraulic content with this realistic learning constructi..
Ex Tax: €90.87
fischertechnik Electronics Simple circuits, series and parallel connections, electronic circ..
Ex Tax: €111.53
fischertechnik Pneumatic PowerThe new low-cost Pneumatic Power construction set takes a learning-by-..
Ex Tax: €45.41
With this construction kit, pure marble run action is guaranteed. After being catapulted onto the la..
Ex Tax: €41.28
fischertechnik Dynamic Tuning SetThe Dynamic Tuning Set is ideal for making all fischertechnik obsta..
Ex Tax: €20.62
For the first time, fischertechnik marble runs can be extended with a launching pad. The marble fall..
Ex Tax: €20.62
fischertechnik Optics Investigate optical phenomena and experiment with light! The planetary mod..
Ex Tax: €78.47
fischertechnik Dynamic L2The new complete set Dynamic L 2 guarantees even more fun with new action m..
Ex Tax: €107.40
fischertechnik Dynamic XSLow-cost ball obstacle course by fischertechnik! The ball accelerates, pick..
Ex Tax: €14.01
Even higher, even faster, and even more action: All this is guaranteed with the new Dynamic XXL marb..
Ex Tax: €165.25