fischertechnik Electronics

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fischertechnik Electronics

Main subjects:

Electrical circuits, series, parallel and three-way / four-way circuits / electronic components and circuits, etc.

Principles of Electronics

Simple circuits, series and parallel connections, electronic circuits with transistors, capacitors, resistors and LED’s. Step by step, this educational construction set teaches the basic principles of electronics. The electronics module, a control with 16 fixed programs, has 2 motor outputs, 3 analog inputs for sensors and a potentiometer for controlling the speed of the motor. Many fascinating as well as functional models can be built with this construction set, from a simple flashlight to a ship see-saw, alternating flasher and controllable ventilating fan.

  • Incl. instructional activity booklet
  • Incl. electronics module, XS motor, 2x transistors, 2x capacitors, 3x resistors, 2x mini-switches, phototransistor, temperature sensor, lens tip lamp, 2x LED‘s, battery tray for 9V block (battery not included)
fischertechnik construction kit information
Number of parts260
Number of models16

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