fischertechnik Physics I 2.0

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fischertechnik Physics I 2.0

Key themes:

Centrifugal force/shear force/acceleration/energy conservation/impetus

An introduction to physics

Physics is fun! The marbles race over the newly designed mechanical points around various tracks. They pass through the change switch in the direction of the circular funnel, or via a seesaw which releases one marble at the stop point. The new 180° bend makes it possible to change the direction of the marble. Loops and chicanes send the marble back to the bottom of the lift. The marbles are then transported from the bottom of the lift back up to the top by way of an XS motor. With a track length of up to 4.5 m, the three different action courses offer boundless marble ball run fun. The four educational experimental models also indirectly explain the effects of different physical phenomena (acceleration, inertia, balance of forces, principle of conservation of energy, principle of linear momentum, laws of motion). The eLearning portal ( features interesting, educational information and videos about physics.

  • Incl.: XS motor, 4x high-speed bends, 17x flexible track 180, 8x flexible track 90, 10x marbles, 3x 180° bends, 4x 90° bends, change switch, circular funnel, battery compartment for 9V battery (battery not included)
  • Ideal extensions: All building sets from the Dynamic range, Sound+Lights, LED Set, Accu Set or Power Set
fischertechnik construction kit information
Number of parts690
Number of models7

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