fischertechnik 3D-Robot 24 V DC

Op bestelling fischertechnik 3D-Robot 24 V DC

fischertechnik 3D-Robot 24 V DC

3-axis robot with gripping device Degrees of freedom: Shaft 1: Rotation 180° Shaft 2: Forward/back 90 mm Shaft 3: Up/down 150 mm Scope of Delivery: • 4 DC motors, including 2 with integrated magnetic encoder (max. pulse frequency: 1 kHz) • 4 Limit switches, 2 pulse sensors for path measurement • 8 Digital inputs • 8 Outputs, 24V (4 motors clockwise/counterclockwise rotation, 24V version includes relay board for motor polarity reversal) • Model mounted on stable wooden board, carton packaging (Dimension: 480x400x220 mm) • Model can be ideally combined with conveyor belt, punch press and intermittent assembly line

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