fischertechnik Optics & Lights

fischertechnik Optics & Lights

Main subjects:

Refraction / reflection of light / light and shadow / fiber-optic cable / optical illusions, and much more

Principles of Optics and Light

Investigate optical phenomena and experiment with light! The planetary model clearly demonstrates why the moon has phases or why solar and lunar eclipses occur. Optical lenses with various focal lengths, mirrors, lens tip lamps and a variety of other parts allow construction of a microscope, magnifier, telescope and periscope. Time can be measured with a sun dial. This model uses fiber-optic cable to demonstrate what total reflection is and how data can be transferred using light. This educational construction set gives school children a glimpse into the world of optics and light.

  • Ideal supplement: Power Set or Accu Set
  • Incl. instructional activity booklet
  • Incl. 3x optical lenses (two focal lengths), rainbow LED, mirror, fiber-optic cable, 2x lens tip lamps

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