Robotics & Electropneumatics

Robotics & Electropneumatics

Main subjects:

Instrumentation and control / programming / interaction between hardware and software / use of actuators and sensors

Instrumentation and Control (I&C)

Ideal introduction to programming realistic electro-pneumatic machines and robots. The subjects of electro-pneumatics and vacuum technology are demonstrated clearly with the aid of fascinating models such as the pinball machine, compressed air motor, color sorting robot for colored parts and ball obstacle course robot. The powerful and compact compressor guarantees a reliable supply of compressed air for the models. The electro-magnetic valves included allow remote control of the models with a PC.

Required: ROBOTICS TXT Controller, ROBO Pro software and 9V / 1A power pack (Accu Set or Power Set) 

  • Incl. didactic material on CD
  • Incl. compressor, mini motor, 2x solenoid valves, optical color sensor, suction cup, 3x cylinders with spring, 2x phototransistors, 2x lens tip lamps, 11x flex-rails

fischertechnik construction kit information
Number of parts440
Number of models4

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