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BBC micro:bit V2.2 Go bundel

With the micro:bit Go Bundle, you have a complete set to start coding right away. This bundle includes a micro:bit board, a micro USB cable, a battery holder, and 2x AAA batteries. The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces you to the interaction between software and hardware. It features an LED light display, buttons, sensors, and numerous input/output functions that, when programmed, enable interaction with you and your world. The new micro:bit V2.2 with sound adds a built-in microphone and speaker, an additional touch input button, and a power on/off switch.

Key Features:

  • 25 LED matrix on the board for displaying messages or numbers
  • Accelerometer to detect movement or tilting
  • Compass
  • Bluetooth connectivity for interaction with the internet or other devices
  • 2 buttons for user input
  • Micro USB port for programming with the PC
  • Battery connector
  • ARM Cortex-M4 CPU
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • 20-pin edge connector along the bottom of the board

New Features:

  • Built-in speaker
  • MEMS microphone with LED indicator
  • Touch-sensitive logo
  • Built-in sleep/off mode (allowing the board to be turned off while the batteries remain connected)
  • Separate regulator (to supply up to 200mA of power to external accessories)

Package Contents:

  • BBC micro:bit V2.2
  • Short Micro USB cable
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • Battery holder for 2x AAA batteries with JST connector
  • Short manual

This Micro:bit Go Bundle is compatible with the Micro:bit F5 Board.

All models from the Bluetooth Smart Beginner Set (540586) can be programmed with this set.

Didactic Material Micro:bit English Download
Didactic Material Micro:bit German Download

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