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fischertechnik School

We offer several construction sets to use on schools.

If you need advice in which sets to use on your school, please let us know so we can help you!

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fischertechnik STEM Coding Competition

The new fischertechnik STEM Coding Competition comes with everything you need to build and program..

€500.00 Ex Tax: €413.22

STEM Electronics

Discover the exciting world of electronics with our STEM Electronics set! A total of ten models and ..

€225.00 Ex Tax: €185.95

STEM Gear Tech

17 exciting models ready for discovery by the technicians of the future! Students can complete X fun..

€110.00 Ex Tax: €90.91

STEM Optics

Developed especially to do justice to the demanding requirements of regular lessons, this set offe..

€120.00 Ex Tax: €99.17

STEM Pneumatics

The first experiments with pneumatics were conducted in the third century B.C., and discovered the e..

€200.00 Ex Tax: €165.29

STEM Renewable Energies

How is environmentally-friendly power generated? How does a fuel cell work, and how can you use it..

€300.00 Ex Tax: €247.93

STEM Smart Physics

The world of construction and data analysis combined ensures a practical and interactive learning ex..

€80.00 Ex Tax: €66.12

CLASS SET Basics about 5 days


With this creative box especially for primary schools, pupils learn how to turn their imagination ..

€500.00 Ex Tax: €413.22

CLASS SET Electrical Control about 5 days

CLASS SET Electrical Control

Young inventors and researchers are curious, and question everything. How does the staircases light ..

€890.00 Ex Tax: €735.54


How does a cone gear wheel, a belt drive or a rack and pinion drive work? What happens if the gear r..

€460.00 Ex Tax: €380.17


Learn about optical phenomena in the classroom and conduct experiments with light! Discover the conc..

€1,100.00 Ex Tax: €909.09

CLASS SET Simple Machines about 5 days

CLASS SET Simple Machines

We encounter simple machines everywhere in our everyday lives. They help us to do work using as li..

€570.00 Ex Tax: €471.07

CLASS SET Solar Energy about 5 days

CLASS SET Solar Energy

Top Facts:One class set contains 16 individual sets One class set is suitable for, for ..

€1,100.00 Ex Tax: €909.09


How can a house survive a storm unscathed and why don't cranes fall over? The designers of tomorrow ..

€570.00 Ex Tax: €471.07

fischertechnik First Coding

Writing your own program to bring a robot to life is incredibly exciting and thrilling! It is imposs..

€140.00 Ex Tax: €115.70

fischertechnik H2 Fuel Cell Car

fischertechnik H2 Fuel Cell CarHow does a fuel cell work, and how can you use it to produce hydrogen..

€110.00 Ex Tax: €90.91

fischertechnik Hydraulics

This construction set teaches the basics of hydraulics through play. The fischertechnik hydrauli..

€200.00 Ex Tax: €165.29

Maker Kit Bionic

Create your own walking robot with our flexible base! With 8 degrees of freedom, you can simulate mo..

€300.00 Ex Tax: €247.93