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STEM Smart Physics

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The world of construction and data analysis combined ensures a practical and interactive learning experience in regular lessons. STEM Smart Physics contains ten exciting models, enabling numerous physics experiments. From accelerated bodies to harmonic oscillations and the propagation and spectra of sound - exciting tasks await students, allowing them to test hypotheses and investigate physical laws in a practical manner. The Phyphox app reads the collected data from the smartphones integrated into the models, enabling an immediate and detailed analysis of the measurement results. Thanks to the combination of theory and practice, students gain a deep understanding of physical principles while simultaneously developing their problem-solving expertise and analytical skills. The didactic accompanying material - specially developed for regular lessons - completes the concept and allows for direct classroom use.

Key features:

  • Physics experiments
  • 10 exciting models
  • Combination of models and app
  • Measurement and analysis
fischertechnik construction kit information
Number of Experiments18
Number of parts107
Number of models10

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