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Factory Simulation 24V

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about 5 days Factory Simulation 24V

Fully built training and simulation model

Combination of the models Sorting Path with color recognition, Multi-processing station with oven, Automated high-bay warehouse, and vacuum gripper. Closed material flow: Workpieces are retrieved from the high-bay warehouse, processed in the processing station, then sorted by color in the sorting system, and subsequently stored back in the high-bay warehouse.

Ideal training, simulation, and demonstration model for education, industrial automation, and Industry 4.0/digitalization.
Pre-assembled, stable training model.
Mounted on a sturdy wooden panel, model packaged in a robust box.
100% ready, just wire it to your PLC.
24V industrial standard.

NOTE: A 24V PLC control is required for operation; we can supply this factory as a fully wired set with the following PLC controls:

Additional teaching material:
The innovative teaching material from fischertechnik helps you practically convey technical understanding and engage your students or learners.

The accompanying didactic guidebook with teacher and teaching material offers demonstration models and tasks for quick lesson preparation, including problem statements and their solutions, guidelines, and worksheets.
The teaching materials are available as a free download in the eLearning Portal.

Technical details:
• Power consumption: I = approx. 4.8A
• Digital inputs: 22
• Analog input 0-10V DC: 1
• Fast counting inputs: 5 or 10 (with direction detection)
• 24V outputs: 35

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