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fischertechnik Dynamic L2

fischertechnik Dynamic L2The new complete set Dynamic L 2 guarantees even more fun with new action m..

€99.17 Ex Tax: €99.17

fischertechnik Dynamic S

fischertechnik Dynamic SBall obstacle course and fischertechnik: two classic toy systems guarantee l..

€28.88 Ex Tax: €28.88

fischertechnik Dynamic Trampoline

For the first time, fischertechnik marble runs can be extended with a launching pad. The marble fall..

€24.79 Ex Tax: €24.79

fischertechnik Dynamic XM

With this construction kit, pure marble run action is guaranteed. After being catapulted onto the la..

€41.28 Ex Tax: €41.28

fischertechnik Dynamic XS

fischertechnik Dynamic XSLow-cost ball obstacle course by fischertechnik! The ball accelerates, pick..

€14.01 Ex Tax: €14.01

fischertechnik Dynamic XXL

Even higher, even faster, and even more action: All this is guaranteed with the new Dynamic XXL marb..

€165.25 Ex Tax: €165.25

fischertechnik E-Tronic

The E-Tronic set allows you to discover the world of electronics through play! Kids can build simple..

€123.97 Ex Tax: €123.97

fischertechnik Green Energy

fischertechnik Green EnergyClimate and environmental protection are key values in today's world – th..

€90.91 Ex Tax: €90.91

fischertechnik H2 Fuel Cell Car

fischertechnik H2 Fuel Cell CarHow does a fuel cell work, and how can you use it to produce hydrogen..

€82.60 Ex Tax: €82.60

fischertechnik Hanging Action Tower

A hanging marble run for children from eight years of age that guarantees endless fun and action. Th..

€82.60 Ex Tax: €82.60

fischertechnik Hydraulic

School and university students learn about hydraulic content with this realistic learning constructi..

€90.91 Ex Tax: €90.91

fischertechnik Mechanic & Static 2

fischertechnik Mechanic and Static 2The definitive technical construction set for all future..

€82.60 Ex Tax: €82.60

fischertechnik Pneumatic Power

fischertechnik Pneumatic PowerThe new low-cost Pneumatic Power construction set takes a learning-by-..

€45.45 Ex Tax: €45.45

fischertechnik Solar Power

fischertechnik Solar PowerOur Solar Power set demonstrates a key future energy source in a fun way. ..

€45.45 Ex Tax: €45.45

fischertechnik Statics

Top Facts:Entry into the world of staticsPlayfully understand static basics wi..

€45.45 Ex Tax: €45.45

fischertechnik Strong Pneumatics

fischertechnik Strong PneumaticsEven as early as the third century, people understood how practical ..

€107.40 Ex Tax: €107.40