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fischertechnik BlueTooth Smart Beginner Set Sold Out

fischertechnik BlueTooth Smart Beginner Set

The complete beginner set for children of 8 years and over. Over 380 pieces for children to combine ..

€148.72 Ex Tax: €148.72

fischertechnik Early Coding

Top Facts:Set for entry into the world of computer science and robotics Two motors an..

€82.56 Ex Tax: €82.56

fischertechnik Hightech about 5 days

fischertechnik Hightech

Programming like the professionals with the fischertechnik Robotics high-tech!9 exciting models are ..

€453.72 Ex Tax: €453.72

fischertechnik Mini bots

fischertechnik Mini BotsThe Mini Bots have their own special approach to robots and make it easy..

€86.74 Ex Tax: €86.74

fischertechnik Smarttech

This is the first version with the well-known TXT Controller. The second version with the new Contro..

€206.57 Ex Tax: €206.57

TXT Controller

TXT Controller..

€175.00 Ex Tax: €175.00

fischertechnik TXT 4.0 Controller

The TXT 4.0 Controller delivers a wide range of new features with 512 MB RAM of storage space and 4 ..

€247.89 Ex Tax: €247.89