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Potentiometer 10kOhm mounted

Potentiometer 0-10kΩ mounted in fischertechnik flat block, shaft 50mm long, Ø4mm, with 3 connectin..

€13.97 Ex Tax: €13.97

Adapter For Solarrotor

Adapter For Solarrotor..

€0.37 Ex Tax: €0.37

Boat Hull Catamaran

Boat Hull Catamaran..

€10.41 Ex Tax: €10.41

Colour Sensor

Colour Sensor..

€21.20 Ex Tax: €21.20

fischertechnik Gesture Sensor 10-pin

10-pole RGB glass sensor for TXT controller. Measured variables: Colour (RGB), ambient brightness,..

€22.73 Ex Tax: €22.73

fischertechnik Gesture Sensor 6-pin

RGB guest sensor 6-pin for TXT 4.0 controller. Measured variables: Colour (RGB), ambient brightnes..

€18.60 Ex Tax: €18.60

fischertechnik Kombisensor

The fischertechnik 3-in-1 absolute-orientation sensor contains an acceleration sensor, a gyroscope a..

€47.44 Ex Tax: €47.44

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell..

€62.98 Ex Tax: €62.98

Fuel Cell Holder

Fuel Cell Holder..

€1.12 Ex Tax: €1.12



€5.83 Ex Tax: €5.83

Ir-Track Sensor

Ir-Track Sensor..

€13.88 Ex Tax: €13.88

Led 5Mm Green L53 Gd/B

Led 5Mm Green L53 Gd/B..

€0.50 Ex Tax: €0.50

Photo Resistor Ldr 03

Photo Resistor Ldr 03..

€18.22 Ex Tax: €18.22

Reversing Switch

Reversing Switch..

€7.56 Ex Tax: €7.56

Solar Motor 2V With Housing

Solar Motor 2V With Housing..

€12.89 Ex Tax: €12.89

Solarmodule 1V 440mA

Solarmodule 1V 440mA..

€17.73 Ex Tax: €17.73