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fischertechnik Designer Software

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Download fischertechnik designer Version 1.3.2
Download Update Version 1.3.2
Download fischertechnik Viewer (Mac OSX)

With the fischertechnik designer you are able to create your own virtual fischertechnik models on your pc. The product is ideal for documentation, presentation or just for playing. Thanks to the integrated IntelliSnap system, you simply "plug in“ your fischertechnik parts. The software knows every available connection and suggests the best one automatically. In general, you can create a complete model in just a few minutes with just a few mouse clicks. The integrated kinematics engine then provides the necessary movement to correctly animate the model. For the implementation of sequential control systems, a logic manager is available which, similar to RoboPro, also enables complex movement sequences. Then print component lists and save pictures of your model. Each model can be subdivided into any number of construction phases. So you can create complete building instructions of your model.

The part library of the fischertechnik designer currently comprises over 1000 parts. Both current part and many older parts are available (for example, Bau-Spiel-Bahn, fischer geometric, etc.). The parts are shown in the form of a small image and the corresponding component number. At the click of a mouse, you can also show the exact designation of the part. All parts are additionally arranged by subject (eg statics, pneumatics, car-tech, motor & engines, etc.) and can also be located via an intelligent search function. New parts can be easily integrated into the software at any time via an integrated internet update module. And if you ever miss a part, then contact us. We will try to integrate it into the software in a timely manner.

The great advantage of the fischertechnik designer is that all connection options are known for every part. Thus, it is very easy to connect 2 parts together. Just pick a part from the library and drag it onto an existing part of the model. Already during the drag process, you can determine where the new part will be attached to the old part. Envious arrows in the model show you where the new part is to be attached. If you then release the new part with the mouse, then it will be fixed right there. A construction in 3D space can hardly be simpler! Of course, the position of a component can also be changed later.

The tube manager can be used to lay flexible pneumatic tubes, ropes and cables in the shortest possible time. Only so-called support points are necessary for this, which can be freely placed in 3D space. For cables, there is a special function in which a cable can be laid automatically between two plugs.

Print product overviews of finished models, or simply get a price list for your model. The high-quality parts list is built exactly the same as you would expect from the fischertechnik construction manuals.

When you have completed your model, you can get it moving with the integrated kinematics engine. You must first tell the program how your model behaves physically, that means which part should act as a motor. Later, insert fix binding or rotational bindings, e.g. between 2 gears. Based on the translations, the model will later move realistically. A maximum of 8 motors are available per model, which can be manually adjusted in speed and direction in kinematics mode. Then use collision balls to trigger special events (for example, automatic change of direction).

In order to realize complex sequential control systems in kinematics mode, there is a so-called logic manager which has a similar structure as the fischertechnik software RoboPro. An unlimited number of independent sequential control systems can be realized within the logic manager. A controller could e.g. take over the engines and a second realize a flashing control for lamps. Everything works in real time!

System Requirements
• Microsoft Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
• Intel processor with at least 1GHz
• at least 1GByte main memory
• Graphics card with OpenGL support
• Free hard disk space of at least 250MByte
• Internet connection for updates
• Mouse or trackpad

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