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fischertechnik in schools

The fischertechnik basic building block allows attachment on all six sides. This "many-sided" block forms the basis for all fischertechnik construction sets, which are put together according to age and capabilities of the pupils and students. These sets allow you to experience the real technology and learn it by playing. All of this taken together forms a logical concept where one fits with the other. Building block for building block. It doesn't matter how demanding the models become, because you can always use components from other fischertechnik construction sets. Comprehensive, easy-to-understand assembly instructions help you with construction and discovery of the fascinating fischertechnik world. For this purpose, there are worksheets and instructional activity booklets with lots of background information, tasks and solutions.

Use in teaching
The instructional construction sets from fischertechnik are specially designed for use in technical instruction and in technical facilities for the basic and secondary level. Topics: Mechanics, statics, electrical technology, regenerative energy and measuring, controlling, regulating (information science, mechatronics and computing). Supported by instructional books and worksheets, which were excellently prepared under the supervision of experienced teachers, these materials make it simpler for the teacher and the pupil to communicate and understand the contents of the instruction. For this purpose, there are intelligent storage systems that provide order and reliability for everyday things at school.

How does a transmission work? How is the movement of a windshield wiper controlled? How do you design a stable bridge? How do you program and control a mobile robot? These and additional questions from the areas of mechanics, statics, electronics, information science and robotics are answered in a graphic and easily understandable manner using our instructional activity booklets. The activity booklets are in black and white allowing them to be reproduced as required for instruction without any loss of quality. Additional worksheets can be downloaded from the fischertechnik website. Together with the subject-related assignments, these provide an additional instrument for precise and simple understanding of the associated instruction and for testing the material learned.

Please contact us to use fischertechnik at your school.