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fischertechnik Accu Set 220V

fischertechnik Accu Set 220VCharger, which is controlled by a microcontroller and provides reliable ..

€45.45 Ex Tax: €45.45

fischertechnik Control Set

The control set lets fischertechnik models be controlled remotely via the Bluetooth control app, usi..

€49.55 Ex Tax: €49.55

fischertechnik LED Set

fischertechnik LED SetThe LED Set is just the right solution for more light! The construction sets c..

€28.93 Ex Tax: €28.93

fischertechnik Motor Set XM

fischertechnik Motor Set XMHigh performance geared motor in compact plastic casing with numerous pos..

€28.93 Ex Tax: €28.93

fischertechnik Motor Set XS

fischertechnik Motor Set XSThanks to the compact measurements, this motor can be installed almost an..

€28.93 Ex Tax: €28.93

fischertechnik Power Set

fischertechnik Power SetPower unit and infinitely variable control unit. The power supply from the e..

€45.45 Ex Tax: €45.45