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Building kits Education

Building kits Education
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 ROBOTICS Sensor Station IoT Sold Out

ROBOTICS Sensor Station IoT

A professional introduction to data logging! The stationary sensor station with a moving camera,..

€190.08 Ex Tax: €190.08

ROBOTICS Sensor Station IoT Complete Set

Professional introduction to measured value acquisition! The stationary sensor station with moving c..

€454.50 Ex Tax: €454.50

fischertechnik BT Beginner

Main subjects: Instrumentation and control / programming / interaction between hardware and softwar..

€157.02 Ex Tax: €157.02

fischertechnik Drive Systems

Main subjects: Wind propulsion / bending rod drive / recoil drive / rubber band and friction motors..

€74.38 Ex Tax: €74.38

fischertechnik Mini Bots

From Electronis to Robotics. The Mini Bots are the ideal introduction to the Education Line Robotics..

€107.44 Ex Tax: €107.44

fischertechnik Optics & Lights

Main subjects: Refraction / reflection of light / light and shadow / fiber-optic cable / optical il..

€90.91 Ex Tax: €90.91

fischertechnik Simple Machines

Main subjects:Transmissions / block and tackle / steering / centrifugal governor / cable winch /..

€86.74 Ex Tax: €86.74

Mechanics (2.0)

Key themes:Mechanics/structural engineering/effect of forces on bodies and objects etc.Fun..

€111.53 Ex Tax: €111.53