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Arduino - Controllino

Arduino - Controllino

CONTROLLINO is an industry-grade PLC based on open source software.
Fully compatible with Arduino.

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Sortingbox 500 Set + Controllino Pre-Order

Sortingbox 500 Set + Controllino

Sortingbox 500 Set + ControllinoFully wired control set with Controllino for controlling individual ..

€726.00 Ex Tax: €600.00

Automated High-Bay Warehouse 24V

Transfer station with conveyor belt, shelf stacker for storing and retrieving special workpiece ca..

€1,028.50 Ex Tax: €850.00

Factory Simulation 24V - Complete set with Controllino

Factory Simulation 24V - Complete set with Controllino

Factory simulation 24V - Simulation + ControllinoFinished training and simulation modelCombination o..

Multi Processing Station With Oven 24V

Furnace with pneumatic sliding door. Downstream processing station with pneumatic transfer unit in..

€907.50 Ex Tax: €750.00

Sorting Line With Color Detection 24V

Detects workpieces of different colors and sorts them via a conveyor belt into the provided storag..

€786.50 Ex Tax: €650.00

Vacuum Gripper Robot 24V

3-axis robot with vacuum gripper works quickly and precisely, positioning workpieces in three-dime..

€847.00 Ex Tax: €700.00

Power supply 24V / 4A

Power Supply 24VDC Power SupplyInput: 90-264 V AC 50/60 HzOutput: 24 V dc / 4 A..

€199.65 Ex Tax: €165.00